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The fast-growing chiropractic franchise is a wise investment opportunity for entrepreneurs and chiropractors

The Joint Chiropractic revolutionized the $20 billion chiropractic industry by making access to care more affordable, accessible, and convenient than ever before. In 2021, The Joint Chiropractic treated nearly 11 million patients, and we’re only scratching the surface. Since our founding in 1999, The Joint Chiropractic has helped millions of people find holistic relief from chronic back and neck pain. With over 800 locations open across the country, The Joint Chiropractic is just getting started.

*2 IBIS World Chiropractors Market Research Report; February 2019

As a business opportunity, The Joint Chiropractic more than delivers. With tremendous unit-level economics, a gym-like membership model that offers recurring revenue streams, and a straightforward business model that is designed for unlimited scalability, The Joint Chiropractic is connecting with entrepreneurs and chiropractors who are ready to unlock their full potential, while also helping people in their communities find relief from pain.

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Awards & Accolades

Fund TopScore 2023
Franchise 500 2023
top franchise for veterans 2022

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Straight forward to build /Quick to open

  • Straight forward construction and build-outs with a small footprint
  • Straight forward approvals for real estate
  • Approachable build-out that is consumer-friendly

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Efficient operating model

  • Minimal employees (3-4) at initial opening/launch
  • Primary employee responsible for the execution of the business model is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Patient files and paperwork are electronic, streamlining operations and facilitating patients’ ability to visit clinics throughout the U.S.

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Attractive economics

  • The Joint Chiropractic's ratio of average or expected sales vs. capital invested is robust and compares favorably to many other franchises you may be considering
  • Built to scale up to multiple units
  • The model is service-based, with a nominal cost of goods sold. The lack of insurance administration means the chiropractor has the capacity to treat more patients

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*”Healthcare Industry Analysis 2016 – Cost & Trends” – Franchise Help

Note: Some states do not permit an unlicensed person to own or operate a chiropractic practice or clinic. In those states, you would own a chiropractic management franchise that provides management services to a professional chiropractic practice owned and operated by a licensed chiropractor. Please consult our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for more information about this structure, and also your attorney in the state in which you may be considering operating.

Meet Our Franchisees

"I can leave the office now. I don’t have to be there all of the time because I am no longer a one man show. I have a whole team of people getting Memphis better and I allows me to go home spend a little more time with my family."

- Pat Kolwaite, owner of three franchise locations with The Joint in Memphis, Tennessee

"As soon as I left my treatment at The Joint as a patient, I immediately wanted to invest in The Joint as an owner. I was looking at franchising with a national sandwich chain, but after experiencing The Joint and speaking to their executive team, I knew that this was a business where I could do something positive for my community. The support of the executive team has been phenomenal. They have helped with site selection and provided a lot of guidance as to how to hire the right chiropractor. We’ve been successful without even having to market ourselves very much — people see our clinics next to their favorite stores or restaurants, and they come in curious. When they discover that we’re affordable and offer a membership model, it is very easy to win them over. Our model creates a pathway for our walk-in customers to return."

- Chris Kemper, franchisee / manager of three franchise locations with The Joint in Nashville, Tennessee

"When you're going through school, it's year round and you come out with $200,000 in debt. My wife and I were looking at The Joint throughout chiropractic college. It was pretty enticing to us to get into a franchise where we wouldn't be alone. The license prices aren't too high and the build-outs are pretty simple. The Return on Investment is terrific, especially if you're working the office as the chiropractor, which I am doing in my franchise. The Joint helps out a lot, especially with build-outs and picking the location. The Joint was an easy fit for me."

- Dr. Chris Judge, owner of The Joint franchise clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona"

"I knew The Joint was going to be around for a long time. I looked into the model and it made sense. I didn't want a business with a lot of perishables. Coming out of the grocery industry for many years, I knew how difficult it was to manage perishables and gross profit. I thought it would be a good fit as the business model is based off of labor and fixed costs. It was going to be easy to manage because you don't have a lot of variable costs in this business. I know exactly how my clinics are performing on a daily basis."

- Tony Di Giusseppe, co-owner of five franchise locations with The Joint in Scottsdale, Arizona

Costs & Fees

Owning a The Joint Chiropractic franchise begins at

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*See item 7 of our current Franchise Disclosure Document

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