The Joint Franchise Shows Increased Sales and Growth in Q1 2022

Growth is Forefront in 2022 for The Joint

In Q1 2022, The Joint Chiropractic. reached several milestones: from Q1 2021 to Q1 2022, The Joint Chiropractic grew revenue 28%, increased system-wide sales by 27%, and opened the most locations of any first quarter in the company’s history. A commitment to franchise growth was paramount for The Joint Chiropractic. This quarter, as we opened 27 new locations in Q1 2022, more than doubling the number of Q1 2021.

The Joint Chiropractic also announced new regional developer (RD) territory rights acquired in Northern New Jersey in March and in Northern California in April.

Peter D. Holt, President and CEO of The Joint Chiropractic, recently spoke about The Joint’s current success and plans to continue rapid franchise growth.

“We are confident in our plan to overcome the near-term macro environment, build upon our strong foundation, and drive toward our goal of opening 1,000 clinics by the end of 2023,” Holt said.

franchise growth chiropractor and patientGrow with the Chiropractic Industry

Here are some great reasons you should consider investing in the chiropractic industry:

1. Chiropractor Industry Size

The chiropractic industry in the United States is estimated and projected to grow over the next few years. The industry actually grew from 2019 to 2020, even with the hardships of the pandemic, showing that even in times of need, a healthcare franchise like The Joint is a great investment.

2. Popular Among Consumers

Chiropractic services have increasingly become more and more needed as consumers look for options other than visiting the doctor. The perk of not requiring insurance for service means customers don’t need to jump through extra hoops to receive service. A survey says 53% of US adults visited a chiropractor for neck or back pain. More than 35 million Americans are treated annually.

3. Open Market

There aren’t many large operators in the chiropractic market. There are about 40,000 chiropractic offices open in the United States. With millions of Americans looking for a holistic, surgery-free way to treat back pain, now is a great time to invest in this in-demand service.

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The Joint Chiropractic is ushering in a new era of mainstream credibility for the chiropractic

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