Why Do Chiropractors Franchise with The Joint?

A simple business model allows chiropractors to focus on what they love: helping patients heal

The typical chiropractic doctor spent upwards of eight years in school and could have accrued more than $200,000 in student loan debt — just so they could help people live healthier lives. The reality of running a modern chiropractic practice in today’s market is often a far cry from what they had in mind.

In the fragmented $15 billion chiropractic industry, traditional chiropractors often are tucked away in the far corners of medical parks and office complexes. The process of scaling a business, winning new patients and delivering the kind of care studied in chiropractic school is thwarted at every turn by chasing after insurance payments (which help to make the cost of a visit more expensive) and offering services beyond the scope of traditional chiropractic care, just to be competitive. Rather than focusing on delivering quality care to their patients, chiropractors are hamstrung by hours of paperwork related to insurance co-pays. In a model like this, it is no wonder that chiropractors are rapidly joining The Joint as either doctors or franchise owners in record numbers.

The Joint has flipped the traditional chiropractic industry on its head. The Joint has returned chiropractic care to its roots by offering only spinal adjustments conducted by hand. The business model has been shaped with ease and affordability in mind for our customers, as well as ease and profitability in mind for our franchise owners. Our gym-like membership model not only does away with the need for insurance, but it also drives a consistent revenue stream to our franchise owners. The fact that The Joint clinics are in retail settings where walk-ins are encouraged means that The Joint is able to win new customers more frequently by being accessible to people in the places that they love to go.

“It’s so rewarding for chiropractors to see so many people seeking out chiropractic care,” says Dr. Steven Knauf, Director of the Chiropractic Compliance with The Joint. “We cut out so many of the hurdles to care, so we make it easier for people to come and see us, which means that our chiropractors are seeing so many more people than a traditional clinic. Our standard for care is that of the entire profession, and we’re held to all of the same high-standards as the other chiropractors in the industry. The only difference is that we cut out all the red tape to help patients come and see us, which means our business can generate a higher revenue than a traditional clinic.”

A mentorship program helps new doctors chart a path toward business ownership

When doctors graduate from chiropractic school, they often are encouraged to open independent clinics — even though many still lack the business acumen and financial stability to make their ventures successful. To help attract the very best chiropractors, The Joint has launched a path-to-ownership program for chiropractors that enables its franchisees to act as ongoing mentors and business partners.

Their path-to-ownership program is designed to help franchisees and chiropractors mutually benefit in the short- and long-term through a three-phase process:

Apprenticeship: Chiropractors work for a franchise owner with The Joint for a minimum of two years. This essential period allows chiropractors to focus on what they do best: helping their patients heal. The franchise owner is able to track the doctor’s performance against agreed-upon milestones, such as a number of new patients, number of adjustments, quality of service and more, which are reviewed on a monthly basis.

Mentorship: Once the franchisee validates that the chiropractor has achieved their milestones consistently over the agreed-upon timeline, the franchisee then promotes the doctors to manage their clinic. This mentorship is essential to doctors, as they learn every aspect of operating a clinic from a business owner’s perspective, including how to market, lead a team, perform scheduling and payroll, and attract new patients.

Partnership: Once the chiropractor has attained proven, operational expertise, the franchisee and doctor go into business together to open a new clinic. Typically, the franchisee contributes 80 percent of the funds, while the doctor adds the other 20 percent. This arrangement allows the chiropractor to receive local support from a trusted partner and proceed with the confidence and necessary skill set to thrive and prosper.

“We’re trying to help doctors become more successful,” Dr. Knauf says. “Not only do we have doctor franchisees who own a significant volume of clinics, we also have non-chiropractors who rely on their doctors. We know that students come out of chiropractic school with a significant amount of debt, and I was one of those students. We wanted to reward them by carving a path toward ownership through a mentorship program. We also are hiring doctors to oversee training and continue the quality of care to help franchisees who own multiple clinics, so there are a number of ways we help doctors become more successful.”


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