The Joint Chiropractic Franchise Story

How a revolutionary chiropractic franchise changed the way Americans think about chiropractic care

Some of the most successful businesses in the world were founded on some of the simplest ideas: finding a consumer pain point and fixing it. When an innovative company makes a customer’s life easier, that’s a win for everyone. Take Uber, which made the difficulty of hailing a taxi obsolete.

When it comes to the chiropractic care industry, there has been no bigger disrupter than The Joint Chiropractic, which was founded in 1999 to make chiropractic care more accessible, affordable and consumer-friendly. Now, providing quality care that improves quality of life, at an affordable rate and convenient location, has never been easier.

The Joint is setting the chiropractic industry straight

There’s no doubt about it – America is a country that values convenience. So why would the same principals not be applied to chiropractic care?

Enter The Joint Chiropractic.

Our clinics are placed in bustling shopping centers next to highly trafficked areas, such as shopping centers, restaurants and malls. And, with no appointments or insurance necessary, patients can be in and out the door, treated by highly qualified chiropractors, in a matter of minutes, all at an affordable rate.

“Health and wellness has only become more important to Americans, and people are looking for alternate ways to avoid pain medications and better ways to take care of themselves and their health,” says Jason Greenwood, Chief Marketing Officer with The Joint Chiropractic. “And we’re in the right place for that. Our clinics are simple. You’re not waiting months on a waitlist to get an appointment to get in with a doctor who’s not actually going to treat you. With us, and you’re going to feel better that day. And that’s what people are looking for today in this ‘I want it now’ society that we live in. The Joint Chiropractic is in the right place at the right time with the right type of model to align with what the customer is looking for.”

The Joint Chiropractic Franchise receptionist hands paper to patient

Back to the basics

The Joint Chiropractic offers one service: spinal adjustments conducted by hand. In just this one treatment, a customer’s spinal motion and their body’s physical function has proven to be vastly improved. Spinal adjustments have also helped thousands of people with low back pain, neck pain and headaches – just to name a few. In 2021 alone, The Joint Chiropractic delivered care to more than 11 million patients.

In 2021, Forbes magazine ranked The Joint Chiropractic No. 1 on its “America’s Best Small Companies” list, recognizing the clinic’s ability to bring relief from pain due to the benefits of chiropractic healthcare to millions of Americans. Specifically, The Joint Chiropractic set itself apart by featuring:

  • No appointments — walk-ins welcome
  • No insurance hassles — $0 copays
  • Open evenings and weekends
  • Quality care by licensed professionals

“As a mission-driven organization, our skill in serving patients and delivering quality chiropractic care is the core of our franchise system,” says Peter D. Holt, President and CEO of The Joint Chiropractic. “This recognition reflects the dedication of our doctors, wellness coordinators, franchisees and support teams, who work tirelessly to educate and promote the efficacy of chiropractic care. We look forward to achieving our near-term development goal of 1,000 open clinics by the end of 2023.”


A rapidly growing chiropractic franchise system

With an easy-to-operate, easy-to-scale business model, The Joint Chiropractic has made starting a chiropractic franchise more inclusive than ever. Not only are our franchise owners passionate about improving people’s lives with quality and affordable care, many of our top performing franchise owners have become multi-unit franchisees.

The Joint Chiropractic has been so successful as a franchise system that Entrepreneur magazine named the brand among the “Best of the Best” franchises in the health services segment in 2022, and No. 57 overall. “The fastest growing chiropractic franchise is a smart investment for entrepreneurs and chiropractors seeking to own a business,” Entrepreneur magazine wrote. “The Joint Chiropractic revolutionized the $15 billion chiropractic industry by making chiropractic care more accessible, convenient and affordable than ever before.”

“The one thing our entire community at The Joint Chiropractic has in common is that we all believe chiropractic care makes lives better,” Greenwood says. “More and more people are realizing that chiropractic care is an important part of a well-balanced health care routine. And we’re seeing that translate into the amount of new patients we’re seeing year over year.”

*Some states require the use of a management model, as further referenced in our FDD.

Ready to invest in The Joint Chiropractic franchise?

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With the total investment estimate range between $254,250 to $520,800**, The Joint Chiropractic is one of the most affordable and accessible franchise opportunities in the chiropractic care industry. And, because our build-out costs are substantially lower than other brands in the health care segment, The Joint Chiropractic offers a quicker ramp-up time to allow for a faster return on investment. The franchise fee for your first chiropractic franchise is $39,900**.  We also want to honor our military veterans, and as a part of VetFran we offer a 15% discount off of our initial franchise fee**

**See our Franchise Disclosure Document for further information on these fees and investment amounts.

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