Why Do Our Patients Love Us?

The Joint Chiropractic franchise is the affordable, convenient and accessible alternative to traditional chiropractic care

Forbes1 reports that the costs of diagnosing, treating and managing neck and back pain has reached $85 billion annually; it is no small wonder that The Joint has rapidly grown from a small number of clinics to over 800 locations across the country in just over a decade.

Founded with the mission to improve the quality of life through routine and affordable chiropractic care, The Joint has radically transformed the $15 billion traditional chiropractic industry by creating a consumer-friendly business model. The Joint places our chiropractic clinics in highly visible shopping centers — next to gyms, popular coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores. Our membership and packages do away with the need for insurance. We only offer spinal alignments conducted by hand, so our service is fast, convenient and affordable.  The average visit at The Joint visit costs about half as much as a visit to a traditional chiropractor.


The Joint’s patients come from a wide cross-section of demographic and psychographic clusters that range in age, income, employment and lifestyle. The Joint’s model has demonstrated success across a range of geographies and market sizes. Virtually all consumers experience the pain that comes from everyday life, whether it be sitting, lifting, running or any activity that involves sustained repetitive motion.

Here is what our patients have to say about why they love The Joint:

“Affordability and good chiropractic care never seem to go together, but there’s a great fusion of it here at The Joint. Dr. Cheney and Dr. Lee are great! The Joint is also nice enough to email you the doctor’s schedule if you have a preference. I’d go to anyone, but those dudes are definitely my faves. I just recently had someone else, but I forgot his name! He was really good and advised me on some exercises in order to improve my posture. It’s a constant battle, since I sit poorly in front of a computer for most of the day. You’ll be in and out quickly, and you’ll feel great! Your first exam and adjustment are only $29 with an introductory coupon! They have many packages that you can buy. The best thing about this place is that they’re everywhere. I can use my same keychain for The Joint that’s next to my place of work. I’ve never had a massage here, but the rates seemed reasonable when looking over them. If you’ve never had chiropractic care, come to The Joint! If you’re in need of super-serious back treatment, they will advise that they’re only here for routine maintenance and not there for curing severe issues.”
– Austin C. of Austin, Texas, in a five-star review on Yelp!

images-3“Dr. Andrew is THE MAN. First of all, this entire concept is amazing and a life-saver (and cost saver). I couldn’t image my life without this service. So, thank you, The Joint. Also, Dr. Andrew is the most professional, kind and thorough chiropractor. I’ve been working with him for probably over a year now, and his quality of care has never wavered. I love how convenient it is for me to pop in and out and go about my day. Another superstar at this spot is MAGGIE, the front desk coordinator. She is amazing, friendly, professional, helpful and really provides great customer service. This place has the dream team for a chiropractic experience. I refer everyone to them.”

– Cielo R. of Glendale, California, in a five-star review on Yelp!

“The Joint is fantastic! I went there this afternoon and I still feel light and energized.
There are no gimmicks, no pressure, they don’t try to upsell you, and an adjustment is $29. Another really nice thing about The Joint is that they really listen to you. I went there with a friend. He has neck issues, and I have middle back issues. We each got different adjustments and different free advice for how to help with our respective pains in the neck. I’ll be back for sure!”

– Ali M. of Boulder, Colorado, in a five-star review on Yelp!

“I couldn’t ask for more than what The Joint has provided me. For the amount that I am spending and be able to get an adjustment per week, is incredible. I used to have a different chiropractor that I would see regularly and for the cost of 2 adjustments from a chiropractor (with insurance) I am paying the same amount for 4 adjustments (not needing insurance). You are not just paying for quantity, you are paying for quality, as well. All of the chiropractors at The Joint are awesome, friendly and remember what we talked about the last time I was in. Not to mention the front desk staff is amazing, friendly and incredibly helpful.”

– Aaron M. of Santa Clarita, California, in a five-star review on Yelp!

“I have been a patient at this office for a few years now. My weekly visits have made a tremendous difference in both achieving and maintaining good spinal health. There are two highly competent chiropractors who work there, and you would be well-served with either. I am adjusted on my regular Wednesday visits by Dr. Shamim Mashhadi, who is both personal and skilled, patiently finding those areas that need attention. I strongly recommend you consider giving them a try.”

– Donald B. of Long Beach, California, in a five-star review on Yelp!

1Forbes, “An $85 Billion Industry Convinces Former Starbucks President To Move Into Healthcare,” https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicolefisher/2016/05/06/an-85-billion-industry-convinces-starbucks-president-to-move-into-health-care/#1bbb47a4409f

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