The Joint Franchise Review: Jerry Akers

After spending 25+ years in Corporate America, Jerry turned to franchising for supplement income. Eventually, he discovered a great opportunity with The Joint Chiropractic, and he’s now thriving as a multi-unit franchisee with the brand for almost 5 years! Tune in to learn more about his journey.

The Joint Franchise Review: Check-In with Noah Stone

A multi-unit franchise owner with The Joint Chiropractic, Noah Stone, talks about his journey in reaching double-digit locations since 2012. With a broad real estate background and prior exposure to franchising and business operations, Noah talks about his story and excitement with being a part of an amazing, growing brand.

The Joint Franchise Review: Craig and Brad

Dr. Craig Peterson and Brad Peterson have 3 clinics and have been franchisees with The Joint Chiropractic for more than a decade. This power team with chiropractic and a finance background has been a huge asset for their growth. Listen to see how they promote The Joint’s accessible model to help promote health and well-being to their patients.

The Joint Franchise Review: Katy Bhatt

Katy Bhatt shares how she is an engineer turned into a franchisee with The Joint Chiropractic. Her story is a great example of utilizing the proven system, business model, and brand support to build her business. Focusing on a customer-first environment, Bhatt is excited to continue growing with brand through her new locations that are opening soon. Listen now to learn how her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for healthcare is allowing her to help her community.

The Joint Franchise Review: Dylan Breeding

Dylan Breeding is a multi-unit owner with The Joint Chiropractic with 7 clinics in his name. After a successful career with a major retailer, he was ready to take the leap and own a proven business to support his family. After becoming more familiar with chiropractic and The Joint’s success, it was a no-brainer to become a franchisee. Check out his podcast, where he shares his story and excitement to continue growing with The Joint.

The Joint Franchise Review: Ron Bostick

Today we are meeting with Ron Bostick, a top performing franchise owner with The Joint. As a highly experienced owner and operator of multiple businesses including Orange Theory, Ron was impressed with the simplicity and scalability of The Joint’s business model. Today he owns 4 clinics and is planning to open several more in the near future. In this conversion, we talk about all that and more.

The Joint Franchise Review: David Essuman

Today we’re speaking to Dave Essuman, a new franchise owner with The Joint, but not just any new franchise owner, Dave was named the Rookie of the Year for all success he’s been experiencing out of the gate. And speaking with him, you understand why Dave is so good at this. He owns multiple businesses, including several franchise concepts, all while juggling a career in real estate and a growing family of four children. His passion for making an impact in his community, creating opportunities, and pushing himself to grow makes him a top performer. And at the time of this conversation, Dave is in the process of opening a second location.

The Joint Franchise Review: Meet Kathy Bhatt

Kathy Bhatt is an owner of three clinics in the Metropolitan area of Florida. Kathy’s story with The Joint is incredible. She struggled when she opened her first two clinics in 2015. And by following the business model and taking advantage of the support that’s available to her, she’s become one of the top performing franchise owners in The Joint’s network.

The Joint Franchise Review: Meet Dr. Christina Judon

Dr. Christina Judon is a multi-unit franchise owner of The Joint and also a doctor of chiropractic. In this episode, Dr. Judon talks about why she left corporate America to become a doctor of chiropractic, The Joint’s roll in bringing chiropractic to the mainstream and why she loves being in a business that truly helps people out on a day to day basis. This is her story.

The Joint’s Strong Opportunity for Expansion: Q&A with Barry Goodman

Barry Goodman is a multi-unit franchise owner with The Joint and is the Regional Developer for both Florida and Kentucky. With decades of experience in the health and wellness segment and a passion for owning businesses that help people feel better, The Joint Chiropractic was the perfect fit for his entrepreneurial spirit. Barry discusses the strong opportunity for new clinics in both large and small markets, why he enjoys being a franchise owner, and much more.

The Joint Chiropractic Franchise Review: Meet Noah Stone

As one of The Joint Chiropractic‘s most successful franchisees, Noah Stone continues to own some of the top clinics in the country. Noah is a member of The Joint‘s National Franchise Advisory Board and is well respected among his franchisee peers, his patients, and staff. In this episode, Noah discusses why patients love his clinics and why he thinks The Joint is a great business to own.

A True Family Business: Marvin, Mia & Gordon Thornton

Mavin and Gordon Thornton always wanted to go into business together. The two brothers took different paths in life: Marvin had a long, distinguished career in the military and Gordon and his wife Mia became successful entrepreneurs. When Marvin retired, Gordon and Mia recognized that the timing was perfect to invest in The Joint. And now, they own several high-performing clinics and have taken on a new role as area developer to help grow the brand in Maryland and Washington D.C.

The Joint Chiropractic Franchise Review: Meet Stacie Shakarian

Stacie is passionate about the benefits of chiropractic care. Her husband, Aaron, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, and the couple owns two of the highest performing clinics in the The Joint‘s franchise network. In this conversation, Stacie opens up about why she left corporate America to start a business, what she loves about The Joint brand, and much, much more.


The Joint Chiropractic is Stronger than Ever: Q&A with CEO Peter Holt

Peter Holt, CEO & President of The Joint, opens up about how the brand mobilized its significant resources to help franchise owners through the COVID-19 crisis. By focusing on getting designated as an essential service, and getting the right answers quickly, The Joint franchise owners were able to help their patients find relief from pain during a stressful time. In this episode, Holt explains why chiropractic care is more relevant than ever, and why investing in a brand that is capable of going above and beyond for its franchise owners is a wise choice.

The Joint Chiropractic Franchise Review: Barrett McNabb

When Barrett McNabb left his accomplished career in the U.S. military, he knew that the leadership skills and tactical expertise he acquired could be put to use in business. McNabb chose The Joint after his wife, who was injured in an automobile accident, became a member. He was struck with the simplicity of the business model and the demand for holistic treatment for back and neck pain. Now McNabb owns five clinics in Houston, Texas, and works with his wife and his mother in a growing business that’s making a tremendous impact in people’s lives.

This is his story.