Why Is The Joint Chiropractic An Attractive Business Model?

The world’s largest chiropractic franchise is a straightforward, proven business model that is quick to scale

What makes The Joint the fastest growing chiropractic franchise in the nation, with over 600 clinics open throughout the country? The answer is simple: The Joint offers a straightforward business model that is easy to understand, simple to implement and quick to scale.

The Joint transformed the way chiropractic care is delivered in this country by emphasizing convenience, affordability and quality of care that is delivered with the 21st-century consumer in mind. Unlike traditional chiropractic clinics, The Joint places its clinics where people already go, in high-end shopping centers next to supermarkets and coffee shops. With a gym-like membership that does away with the need for insurance, The Joint encourages walk-ins and keeps evening and weekend hours, which allows our patients to get treated for their pain on their lunch breaks from work, while shopping during the evening or before a weekend out with their families.

The difference is apparent as soon as you set foot in one of The Joint’s clinics. The small footprint of 1,200 square feet on average is made to look much larger due to The Joint’s high-end chic aesthetic, which invites patients to feel relaxed. The only staff you’ll see will be one person at the front desk who will greet you, and one or two doctors in the back, who can treat you in as little as five minutes. If we can treat you in as little as five minutes, imagine how many people we can treat in the span of a single day, a month or a year. The numbers add up quickly.

The small footprint, limited overhead, minimal number of employees, combined with a volume-based, cash-only basis that meets the very specific need for chiropractic care makes The Joint a wise investment.

“We’re in daily-use centers, where people can get in and get out extremely quickly,” says Eric Simon, Senior Vice President of The Joint Chiropractic. “This isn’t a 45 minute process — people can be treated in five minutes and get the treatment they need to deal with their daily pain. As a result, our franchise owners can treat many more patients than a traditional chiropractic clinic could possibly imagine. From an investment perspective, all of your costs are fixed. You have a small number of employees, one or two wellness coordinators to serve as your front desk staff, and one or two doctors depending on your volume. Because the model is so simple to understand, you can scale very quickly, because you can do this over and over again.”

Who are we looking for?

It may surprise you to learn that The Joint’s franchise network consists of both chiropractors and entrepreneurs who franchised with The Joint without any experience in either the chiropractic industry or medical field.

The reason why chiropractors choose to franchise with The Joint, outside of wanting a business that avoids the nightmares and pitfalls of dealing with the insurance industry for payment, are much the same as the entrepreneurs who franchise with us. Our proven business model is clean and easy-to-run, simple to operate and the scalability of our model is evident in the fact that more than half of our franchise owners own multiple clinics. Most importantly, our franchise owners desire to own a business that truly helps improve people’s’ lives.

The Joint chiropractic franchises article

For Robb Quinlan, who was a professional baseball player with the Los Angeles Angels before becoming the owner of four franchise clinics with The Joint in Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Joint is a way to get into business that serves a noble purpose in the community.

“When I discovered The Joint, and I saw how they were making chiropractic care more accessible, more affordable and convenient for people, I knew that I wanted to become a franchisee. I recognized that The Joint is the future of the chiropractic industry,” Quinlan says. “The Joint is a great business for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference.”

Success begins with your passion for helping others

If you’re passionate about helping people heal and want to take an active, daily role in your business, The Joint may be the right opportunity for you.

“If you want to sit back and pray that people will come into your business, you should just buy the stock,” Simon says. “We’re looking for people who want to take an active role in their businesses, be a presence in their communities, and truly make an impact in the lives of their patients. Our robust support infrastructure will help you with everything else, from marketing to hiring doctors, and beyond. You just need to have the passion for helping people and be ready to make a difference in your community.”

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