3 Reasons Why Chiropractors Should Franchise with The Joint

The fastest growing chiropractic franchise has a simple business model that allows chiropractors to focus on what they love: helping their patients lead healthier lives

There are many reasons why chiropractors are franchising with The Joint in droves. The fastest growing chiropractic business franchise is ushering in a new era of mainstream credibility for the $14 billion chiropractic industry. The Joint is not only giving millions of people access to affordable and convenient chiropractic care, but it is also giving chiropractors an easy business model that is simple to run and quick to scale.

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We know that the average doctor of chiropractic spends upwards of eight years in school and may accrue over $200,000 in student loan debt — just to help people live healthier lives. The reality of running a modern chiropractic practice in today’s market is often a far cry from what they had in mind. Traditional chiropractors are often tucked away in the far corners of medical parks and office complexes. The process of scaling a business, winning new patients and delivering the kind of care studied in chiropractic school is thwarted at every turn by chasing after insurance payments (which help to make the cost of a visit more expensive) and offering services beyond the scope of traditional chiropractic care, just to be competitive.

Rather than focusing on delivering quality care to their patients, chiropractors are hamstrung by hours of paperwork related to insurance co-pays. In a model like this, it is no wonder that chiropractors are rapidly joining The Joint as either doctors or franchise owners.

Here are three reasons why chiropractors should franchise with The Joint:

1. The Joint provides a chance for chiropractors to focus on what they love: helping their patients lead healthier lives

The Joint has flipped the traditional chiropractic industry on its head. It has returned chiropractic care to its roots by offering only spinal adjustments conducted by hand. The business model has been shaped with ease and affordability in mind for our customers, as well as ease and profitability in mind for our franchise owners. Our gym-like membership model not only does away with the need for insurance, but it also drives a consistent revenue stream to our franchise owners. The fact that The Joint clinics are in retail settings where walk-ins are encouraged means that The Joint is able to win new customers more frequently by being accessible to people in the places that they love to go.

“My family has been involved in chiropractic care for more than 100 years, and I believe that The Joint is really the future of the industry,” says Dr. Chris Judge, owner of The Joint franchise clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. “As a doctor, it’s rewarding because I get to help more people on a day-to-day basis than a traditional chiropractor could possibly imagine. As a business owner, it’s easy to run my clinic, as my time isn’t taken up by tedious insurance co-pay paperwork. We’re also able to work side-by-side traditional chiropractic clinics by referring our customers to them if they are in need of treatment beyond our services. Because we are affordable, accessible and transparent in our services, customers love us and are excited to come back. The Joint has been a dream come true for me, as a doctor and a business owner; it’s the best of both worlds.”

2. The Joint allows chiropractors to treat more patients than a traditional practice could ever dream of

Targeting the needs of 21st century consumers, The Joint clinics are placed in bustling shopping centers next to community mainstays such as supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants and hair salons. With no appointments, no insurance and no hassle, The Joint has grown to over 350 locations across the United States. In the process, we have brought a misunderstood practice to where it has always belonged: as an essential part of health and wellness.

The Joint offers one service: spinal adjustments conducted by hand. This simple practice is chiropractic care as it was meant to be delivered. Because the business model has made chiropractic care consumer-friendly, The Joint has helped more people take control of their health and wellness through chiropractic care than ever before. In 2015, The Joint performed 3.2 million patient visits, up from 2 million the year before.

“I truly believe that The Joint is the future of chiropractic care,” says Dr. Tim McKinley, owner of The Joint franchise clinic in Houston, Texas. “The coolest thing for me as the chiropractor and the owner of my clinic is the concept, the business model. The patients love it. It’s created from their perspective. It meets their needs. When you’re in an environment where the customer is happy about where they are and the services they’re receiving, it becomes a much more pleasant place to work than a traditional chiropractic care practice, where the majority of your time is spent dealing with attorneys and insurance companies. I honestly cannot foresee the traditional chiropractic care clinic lasting much longer. With The Joint, a chiropractor can devote his or her energies to helping people in a friendlier environment for both the patient and doctor.”

3. The Joint is a simple business to run and is rewarding to own

With a small footprint, limited overhead and staff consisting of three to four employees, The Joint is easy to operate and boasts a proven business model that is unique in the $3 trillion healthcare industry. Our membership model eliminates the need for insurance while providing our franchise owners with a recurring revenue stream that helps to maximize profitability and potentially quicken the return on investment. Our model works for chiropractors seeking to own a business that avoids the nightmare of insurance billing, allowing them to serve the millions of people who are demanding more accessible chiropractic care. The industry has taken notice.

2016 began with Entrepreneur naming The Joint as the “Best of the Best” franchise in the health services segment. In October, Franchise Times, a national publication dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs with franchise systems, named The Joint to their prestigious annual Top 200+ list, which serves to highlight the industry’s best-bet investments across all segments of the franchise industry.

With the total financial estimate to begin operations on a new chiropractic franchise ranging from $216,200 to $331,700, The Joint is a low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns. Because our build-out costs are substantially lower than other brands in the healthcare segment, The Joint offers a potentially faster return on investment. The franchise fee for your first chiropractic franchise is $39,900.

Ready to bring the fastest growing chiropractic franchise to your community?

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