5 Reasons to Franchise With the The Joint

The Joint is the fastest-growing chiropractic franchise in the country


Business opportunity is often a function of good timing, and the time to franchise with The Joint is now. The Joint has taken the chiropractic industry by storm and grown from a handful of stores to more than 350 locations across the country in less than a decade. The Joint offers customers a monthly membership and low costs for basic chiropractic care — starting at $39 per visit. By not requiring appointments, eliminating insurance and offering extended evening and weekend hours, The Joint is providing an entire generation of customers access to the health and wellness benefits of chiropractic maintenance care.

“The Joint is transforming the way chiropractic care is being delivered in this country,” says Peter Holt, CEO of The Joint. “We’re a disruptor. We’ve taken our model directly to retail settings — our clinics are next to brands like Chipotle and Starbucks. We’re easy, convenient and accessible to consumers; insurance and appointments are not necessary. A regular customer can walk into any franchise location and get an adjustment done in five minutes. We’re the largest umbrella of chiropractic clinics in the world, and we’re only getting started. We’re growing from 350 units to more than 1,700, and this is an excellent business for investors and chiropractic professionals to invest in.”

Here are five great reasons to franchise with The Joint:

Chiropractic care is an untapped market in most communities

The Joint Chiropractic franchise is ushering in a new era of mainstream credibility to the 14 billion dollar chiropractic industry. Founded in 1999 with a mission to improve the quality of life through routine and affordable chiropractic care, The Joint has expanded into 30 states in 2016. By opting out of the tedious and frustrating insurance industry, the nation’s fastest-growing chiropractic franchise has successfully introduced the benefits of chiropractic care to the 21st century consumer, who desires fast, affordable and quality care on their own terms.

“I truly believe that The Joint is the future of chiropractic care,” says Dr. Tim McKinley, owner of The Joint franchise clinic in Houston, Texas. “The coolest thing for me as both the chiropractor and owner of my clinic is the concept, the business model. The patients love it. It’s created from their perspective and meets their wants and needs. When you work in an environment where the customer is happy about where they are and the services they’re receiving, it’s a pleasant place to come to work. Unlike a traditional chiropractic care practice, where the majority of your time is spent dealing with attorneys and insurance companies, at The Joint, doctors can focus solely on providing quality care. . At The Joint, a chiropractor can devote his or her energies to helping people in a friendlier environment for the patient and doctor.”

The Joint is a low-cost investment opportunity with high potential returns

With the total investment estimate to begin operations on a new chiropractic franchise ranging from $216,200 to $331,700, The Joint is a low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns. Because our build-out costs are substantially lower than other brands in the healthcare segment, The Joint offers a quicker ramp-up time to allow for a potentially faster return on investment. The franchise fee for your first chiropractic franchise is $39,900, and the franchise fee for multiple units may be discounted if certain conditions are met.

“My husband and I own five clinics,” says Teresa Di Giuseppe, co-owner of five The Joint franchise locations in Scottsdale, Arizona. “We’ve experienced the corporate world — which is something that we’ve done well in — but we’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit. We always wanted to have a business that we could call our own and would run itself as we continued our careers in the mortgage industry. We were attracted to The Joint because of the ease of the business model: low overhead, minimal staff. We’re committed to providing the best chiropractic care, but we don’t have to be in the business every day. We didn’t have any medical experience whatsoever, but The Joint has proven to be successful and profitable because of the simplicity of the business model.”

The Joint is bringing chiropractic care to the mainstream

the-joint-lobbyModern consumers want convenience and services that are more accessible. The Joint reinvents traditional chiropractic care, locating near supermarkets, coffee shops and neighborhood strip centers. Unlike traditional medical or chiropractic offices, we don’t require appointments or insurance co-pays, and we are typically open six or seven days a week — making chiropractic care available to a much larger portion of the U.S. population.

“While the growth of The Joint has been rapid, the amount of people who are discovering how chiropractic care fits into their wellness regimens is on the rise,” says Brian Markus, Director of Franchise Sales with The Joint. ”We’re still at the beginning of seeing the true market impact of our revolutionary approach to chiropractic care. The Joint finding success across 30 states for several years now is a testament to the need we are meeting in those markets. As more and more people learn that chiropractic care is an effective and affordable addition to traditional healthcare and prescription medication, our franchise owners will continue to prosper.”

The Joint is a proven business model for chiropractors and investors alike

With a small footprint, limited overhead and staff consisting of three to four employees, The Joint is easy to operate and boasts a proven business model that is unique in the $3 trillion healthcare industry. Our membership model eliminates the need for insurance while providing our franchise owners with a recurring revenue stream that helps to maximize profitability and potentially quicken the return on investment. Our model works for chiropractors seeking to own a business that avoids the nightmare of insurance billing, and it works equally well for business investors who see the need for more accessible chiropractic care.

“My family has been involved in chiropractic care for more than 100 years, and it’s easy to see that The Joint is really the future of the industry,” says Dr. Chris Judge, owner of The Joint franchise clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. “As a doctor, it’s very validating because I get to help more people on a day-to-day basis than a traditional chiropractor could possibly imagine. As a business owner, it’s very easy to run my clinic, as my time isn’t taken up by tedious insurance paperwork. We’re also able to work side-by-side traditional chiropractic clinics by being able to refer our customers to them if they are in need of treatment beyond our services. Because we are affordable, accessible and transparent in our services, our customers love us and are excited to come back. The Joint has been a dream come true for me, as a doctor and a business owner; it’s the best of both worlds.”

The Joint has a strong track record of success

The Joint franchise has been so successful that Entrepreneur named us the “Best of the Best” franchise in the health services segment for 2016. We’re not new to praise; the same publication has included us in their prestigious “Franchise 500” list each year since 2012,  Inc. named us to their annual list of fastest-growing franchise systems and Franchise Times recently recognized our franchise in the top 10 of their Fast and Serious list.

“I was looking at franchising with Jimmy John’s, but after experiencing The Joint and speaking to their executive team, I knew that this was a business where I could do something positive for my community,” says Chris Kemper, franchisee/manager of three The Joint locations in Nashville, Tennessee. The support of the corporate team has been phenomenal. They have helped with site selection and provided a lot of guidance as to how to search for the right chiropractor. We’ve been successful without even having to market ourselves very much — people see our clinics next to their favorite stores or restaurants, and they come in curious. When they discover that we’re affordable and offer a membership model, it is very easy to win them over. Our model creates a pathway for our walk-in customers to return.”

Ready to open a chiropractic franchise in your community?

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