Why Are Chiropractors Choosing The Joint Franchise?

Existing chiropractors are opening clinics with the fastest growing chiropractic franchise in record numbers

The Joint is revolutionizing the $14 billion chiropractic industry by ushering in a level of mainstream credibility, and existing chiropractors are opening clinics in record numbers. With more than 350 locations across the United States, The Joint is attracting chiropractors with a proven business model that is simple to run and easy to scale, providing them with an opportunity to treat more patients than a traditional chiropractic clinic could possibly imagine.

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Even chiropractors operating traditional clinics are opening new clinics with The Joint. For April Lima, an office manager for a chiropractor who owns a franchise clinic with The Joint, as well as an independent traditional clinic in the Atlanta area, the reality of running both types of clinics simultaneously has been a breeze.

“For our patients, having two options that meet their wellness needs to choose from has been enormously successful,” April says. “The two clinics really don’t compete with each other at all, even though they’re located in the same shopping center. For patients who require more generalized chiropractic care, those who suffer from neck and back pain, The Joint really helps their goals in achieving overall wellness. For those patients who have been in serious car accidents, they use both The Joint and our traditional clinic in tandem, as they require an advanced level of care that a traditional clinic can provide, as well as an ongoing wellness plan.”

A simple business model makes The Joint easy to operate alongside a traditional clinic


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 With a small footprint, limited overhead and staff consisting of three to four employees, The Joint is easy to operate and boasts a proven business model that is unique in the $3 trillion healthcare industry. Our membership model eliminates the need for insurance while providing our franchise owners with a recurring revenue stream that helps to maximize profitability and potentially quicken the return on investment. Our model works for chiropractors seeking to own a business that avoids the nightmare of insurance billing, and it works equally well for chiropractors who own traditional clinics and see the demand for more accessible chiropractic care in their communities.

The Joint has returned chiropractic care to its roots by offering only spinal adjustments conducted by hand. The business model has been shaped with ease and affordability in mind for our customers, as well as ease and profitability in mind for our franchise owners. Our gym-like membership model not only does away with the need for insurance, but it also drives a consistent revenue stream to our franchise owners. The fact that The Joint clinics are in retail settings where walk-ins are encouraged means that The Joint is able to win new customers more frequently by being accessible to people in the places that they love to go.

“Aside from the ease of walking directly into The Joint without an appointment, our customers really love how affordable it is to visit us,” April says. “On an average day, we see 50 people or more at The Joint, which is a far greater number than we could ever see in our traditional clinic. So from that point alone, the economics of The Joint are far easier to understand than a traditional clinic, which is at the mercy of insurance companies. Our patients at The Joint pay cash, so there is no danger of our payments being held hostage by the insurance companies, and we never have to chase down insurance companies to deliver payment to us, which is a reality in the traditional clinic.”

When April isn’t managing both clinics, she is out in the field helping new entrepreneurs establish themselves in new clinics with The Joint. As the field trainer for the Atlanta area, April provides training and assistance to new franchise owners to ensure that they have the tools for success and that their clinics will operate according to the brand’s high standards.

“I’ve helped establish 26 locations in the Atlanta area alone, which speaks to the phenomenal need for accessible and affordable chiropractic care,” April says. “The simplicity of the business model and the in-depth training new franchise owners receive once they come on board makes The Joint an easy business to run from the get-go.”

Ready to bring the fastest growing chiropractic franchise to your community?

The Joint is a low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns. The total investment estimate to begin operating a new chiropractic franchise ranges from $216,200 to $331,700. Because our build-out costs are substantially lower than other brands in the healthcare segment, The Joint offers a potentially faster return on investment. The franchise fee for your first chiropractic franchise is $39,900.

For in-depth details about The Joint franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You can also learn more by visiting The Joint chiropractic franchise research pages.

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