The Joint Chiropractic Franchise Leads A Booming Industry

The Largest Chiropractic Franchise Gives An Alternative

With over 750 locations nationwide, The Joint has earned its place as the fastest-growing franchise in a booming industry. As millions of Americans seek out alternatives to prescription medication, The Joint Chiropractic has made a name for itself by being there to provide a holistic treatment for neck and back pain. Our commitment to offering an alternative solution for pain management is more important than ever before.

A byproduct of America’s problem with pain, the opioid epidemic has worsened in recent years. New CDC reports state that estimated overdose deaths from opioids increased to 75,673 in the 12-month period ending in April 2021, up from 56,064 the year before. These numbers indicate a 28.5% increase in drug-related deaths. The uptick in numbers coincides with the increased amount of prescription pain medication issued across the nation. The reasoning is simple: more Americans are experiencing pain. Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute reports that 8% of all adults experience persistent or chronic back pain.

Not only is pain prevalent in every community, it’s expensive too. GU reports also note that direct and indirect costs for pain management add up to over $12 billion per year. What’s even more expensive is the debilitating effect it has on individuals, restricting them from a number of daily activities that could also improve their wellness. Our clinics offer a natural remedy at an affordable price, making pain-free living a reality for everyone who comes through our doors.

The Joint Chiropractic Franchise booming industryThe Chiropractic Booming Industry

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, wellness has become a higher priority for many Americans. Businesswire reports that the U.S. chiropractic market size is expected to reach $17.93 billion by 2025. As people have sought out a more natural solution to pain management, The Joint Chiropractic’s commitment to excellence has earned us a permanent place at the front of the franchise healthcare industry.

“The field of chiropractic care is becoming significantly more important, as more people are becoming concerned with finding alternative methods to manage their overall health and wellness,” says Peter Holt, CEO of The Joint Chiropractic. “People’s perception of chiropractic care is dramatically changing due to several factors: our nation’s problems with obesity and the medical emergency that is the abuse of pain medication, which has never been higher than it is now. As 87% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, chiropractic care is a natural and effective way to treat that pain without the use of prescription medication.”

Businesswire also states that the increase in the number of chiropractic students will lead to approximately 2,500 individuals entering the workforce each year for the foreseeable future. The Joint Chiropractic gives these doctors a supportive environment where they can focus on their patients.

The Chiropractic Industry

One of the key perks to franchising with The Joint is that you will join an industry that grows every year. As more people move away from prescription medication, chiropractic care has become a holistic alternative. This has enabled a stable growth that has allowed The Joint Chiropractic to remain at the forefront of the competition.

“The public is really coming around to the idea of chiropractic care as an alternative to the prescription medication epidemic,” says LS Carper, owner of six chiropractic franchise locations in South Carolina and Georgia. “When you think about the fact that all 32 NFL teams have chiropractors on staff, that really tells you something. I just believe so passionately in the ability for holistic care to heal and help. Once you look at the science, you can see the power.”

It’s Never Been Easier To Franchise With The Joint

Whether you are a first time business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, The Joint Chiropractic business model makes it easy to own a franchise. Our initial investment ranges from $215,297 to $476,997. With build-out costs that are substantially lower than other brands in the healthcare industry, The Joint Chiropractic allows franchisees to open their doors in a shorter time frame, enabling them to profit much sooner than the average brick-and-mortar business.

If you’re new to the healthcare industry, that’s okay too. In fact, most of our franchise owners started off the same way. Prior to our arrival on the market, chiropractic clinics were owned and operated by chiropractors themselves. The Joint Chiropractic allows owners to focus on the administrative side of business, while letting the doctors do what they do best: heal. This allows operations to flow efficiently, while you both produce satisfied customers.

The best part? We are still growing, with availability to expand in nearly every U.S. state. There’s a reason why they call us the fastest growing chiropractic franchise. Eric Simon, SVP of Franchise Development, agrees: “This is a really exciting time to be a part of The Joint Chiropractic. Our brand continues to grow in terms of both franchisees coming on board, as well as the number of people we are able to help with chiropractic care. We’ve continued to experience double-digit growth in terms of how many people come to visit us. We’re excited to enter new markets and welcome new franchisees to The Joint Chiropractic as we grow across the country.”

Ready For Your Next Steps?

If you are interested in a low-cost investment in a booming industry, now is the time to franchise with The Joint Chiropractic. With over 750 locations across the nation healing their communities, you will be joining a team of like-minded business owners helping shape a better world, free of neck and back pain. To request more information on opening a franchise, fill out our form here. One of our franchise team members will be in touch to start a conversation!

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