The Joint Franchise Makes the Cover of ‘Chiropractic Economics’ Magazine

How a struggling chiropractor found success as a franchise owner with The Joint

The Joint Chiropractic recently made the cover of Chiropractic Economics, a magazine devoted to reporting on all aspects of the chiropractic industry. The accompanying feature article, “From Struggle to Success,” tells the story of Dr. Barrett Terry, a chiropractor in Houston, Texas, changed his life for the better when he decided to open a chiropractic franchise with The Joint.

The article documents how Barrett struggled with being the primary chiropractic doctor at an independent clinic and his dealings with dishonest bosses and lack of upward mobility, even as he grew the business significantly. Everything changed when he took a job as a chiropractor at franchise clinic with The Joint in his local area. The convenience of offering chiropractic care in retail settings wasn’t something that Barrett was accustomed to, but shortly after taking the position, he had to hire new doctors.

“It got to be where he was seeing 60 to 70 patients a day,” the article states. “He had to hire another doctor, and then another: ‘We were putting out ads, and I wanted to help the owner recruit new doctors. I had my reservations at first, about The Joint, but it turned out be one of my biggest blessings.’”

When Barrett first came to The Joint, he was hesitant because he wondered at first if The Joint was devaluing chiropractic care.

“But the more I worked for them, the more I saw that it’s expanding the market for chiropractic,” Barrett says in the article. “When I got out of school, 6 to 8 percent of people were seeing a DC, but now it seems like it’s almost double that number, and I think The Joint has played a role in that.”

When the owner offered him the chance to buy the business, Barrett welcomed the opportunity. He opened the clinic and is now pursuing the possibility of opening a second location with his wife.

“Looking ahead, if business continues to strengthen and their marketing efforts pay off, the Terrys are already pondering expanding to another clinic,” the magazine reports.

We encourage you to read the entire article below, or visit Chiropractic Economics to read the article there.

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