The Joint Exceeds Expected Franchise Growth

The Joint Chiropractic® continues to hold its claim as the nation’s fastest growing chiropractic franchise. Exceeding expectations for franchise growth, the brand has spread in popularity over the last few years. This has allowed The Joint Chiropractic the opportunity to witness a tremendous period of growth.

“The word is out that our opportunity is a wise investment for entrepreneurs and chiropractors who want to succeed in the wellness space,” says Eric Simon, Vice President of Franchise Development with The Joint. “We’ve focused on adding regional developers in several states, and they are doing a terrific job of bringing entrepreneurs into our franchise family. As chiropractic care becomes more mainstream, the need for new clinics will continue to increase. We expect our growth to continue to be strong as the year goes forward.”

The Fastest Growing Chiropractic Franchise

The Joint Chiropractic is changing the way chiropractic care is delivered in this country. Founded in 1999, The Joint Chiropractic sought to revolutionize access to chiropractic care by making it more accessible and affordable than ever before.

The Joint Chiropractic provides an on-demand healthcare model that is both user-friendly and effective. Since becoming a franchise in 2007, our brand has expanded to over 800 locations in 39 states.

By working with our franchise owners to place our clinics in highly trafficked retail settings and offering gym-like membership that does away with insurance and appointments, we come to the patient instead of the other way around. Our walk-in policy allows us to treat more patients than any other practice, making a holistic approach to pain management a more accessible option.

the joint chiropractic franchise growth

Why Franchise with The Joint?

Founded in 1999, The Joint Chiropractic has earned its place as the most nationally recognized chiropractic clinic brand. We have made the benefits of chiropractic care available to more places than anyone before us, and there are still plenty of places for our clinics to go. As more people seek a holistic approach that doesn’t involve pain medicine, our services have been in demand like never before.

“The growing demand for this concept is significant, as more and more consumers are empowered to drive their own healthcare outcomes,” says Peter Holt, President and CEO of The Joint Corp. “We’re a nation that is facing some very serious issues. We have an obesity epidemic, with 75% of Americans overweight and 34% of them obese, which creates huge issues of pain. Then we have the opioid epidemic, and 75,000 people died of an overdose last year from opioids. With The Joint, we have a natural, holistic way for people to deal with their pain. As the largest chiropractic franchise in the world, we have an opportunity to change the lives of millions of people who are seeking pain relief and preventative care.”

Estimated at over the US chiropractic market has reached an all-time high. As this market has expanded, especially among adults between the ages of 45 and 64, more patients have come to The Joint Chiropractic in recent years. This puts investors at the forefront of a market size that has increased faster than the Healthcare and Social Assistance sector overall.

Exceeding Expected Franchise Growth

Each year, our company makes projections for franchise growth that The Joint Chiropractic continues to exceed. Entrepreneurs have been investing in The Joint Clinics because of their reputation and demand. Our company currently boasts more than 800 locations nationwide and nearly 11 million patient visits annually.

“We’ve seen such incredible growth because we’re providing chiropractic care at an affordable rate, and placing our clinics in convenient retail settings, near grocery stores, shopping malls – the places people travel by everyday,” says Jake Singleton, CFO of The Joint Chiropractic. “We’re a disruptive brand in the chiropractic industry. And as we continue to grow the brand and our scale, we’ll continue to approach this tipping point where it snowballs on itself and we get better consumer traction, because we just have that much more of a powerful brand.”

The Joint Chiropractic is now recognized as a key leader in the chiropractic industry. Consistently named to Franchise Times “Top 400+ Franchises” and Entrepreneur’s “Franchise 500®” lists, The Joint Chiropractic is an innovative force, where healthcare meets retail.

The Joint is Still Growing

Despite this tremendous level of growth, The Joint Chiropractic has more territory waiting to be occupied. People know and trust our brand because of our widespread availability. Franchisees will place themselves into the forefront of a market that is rapidly increasing, with no sign of slowing down. Bringing The Joint Chiropractic to a place where it’s needed gets you into a business that helps the community at large.

“There is a tremendous amount of growth potential,” says Eric Simon, SVP of Franchise Development. “This is a really exciting time to be a part of The Joint. Our brand continues to grow in terms of both franchisees coming on board, as well as the number of people we are able to help with our chiropractic care. We’ve continued to experience double-digit growth in terms of how many people come to visit us. We’re excited to enter new markets and welcome new franchisees to The Joint as we grow across the country.”

Learn More about the Fastest Growing Chiropractic Franchise

The Joint Chiropractic offers investors a unique opportunity: providing a popular service in an evergreen market. Our brand is nationally known for making chiropractic care more accessible and affordable than ever before. The people have voiced their approval, making us the largest chiropractic chain in the world. To learn more about opening one of our franchises, submit your information to us by filling out our form here.

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