The Joint Chiropractic Franchise Helps Franchisees Attract Chiropractors

The fastest-growing chiropractic franchise offers a new program for franchisees to mentor chiropractors through the process of business ownership

chiropractic franchiseOne of the many reasons why entrepreneurs choose to franchise with The Joint Chiropractic, the nation’s fastest-growing chiropractic franchise, is their passion to help people find relief from pain. Their franchisees work side-by-side with exceptional chiropractors who are highly trained to bring positive life changes to their patients, and, more importantly, are able to mentor in the world of business.

When doctors graduate from chiropractic school, they are often encouraged to open independent clinics — even though many still lack the business acumen and financial stability to make their ventures successful. To help attract the very best chiropractors, The Joint Chiropractic has launched a path-to-ownership program for chiropractors that enables its franchisees to act as ongoing mentors and business partners.

Their path-to-ownership program is designed to help franchisees and chiropractors mutually benefit in the short- and long-term through a three-phase process:

Apprenticeship: Chiropractors work for a franchise owner with The Joint Chiropractic for a minimum of two years. This essential period allows chiropractors to focus on what they do best: helping their patients heal. The franchise owner is able to track the doctor’s performance against agreed-upon milestones, such as a number of new patients, number of adjustments, quality of service and more, which are reviewed on a monthly basis.

Mentorship: Once the franchisee validates that the chiropractor has achieved their milestones consistently over the agreed-upon timeline, the franchisee then promotes the doctors to manage their clinic. This mentorship is essential to doctors, as they learn every aspect of operating a clinic from a business owner’s perspective, including how to market, lead a team, perform scheduling and payroll, and attract new patients.

Partnership: Once the chiropractor has attained proven, operational expertise, the franchisee and doctor go into business together to open a new clinic. Typically, the franchisee contributes 80% of the funds, while the doctor adds the other 20%. This arrangement allows the chiropractor to receive local support from a trusted partner and proceed with the confidence and necessary skill set to thrive and prosper.

“We’re very proud to launch a program that makes the path to ownership easier and more sustainable for chiropractors, while also benefiting our existing franchisees in both the short- and long-term,” says Eric Simon, Vice President of Franchise Development with The Joint Chiropractic. “Chiropractors fresh out of school often don’t have the skill sets necessary to immediately succeed as the owner of an independent clinic. This program allows chiropractors to be mentored by our franchisees in all of the aspects of their business, after they have proven their expertise as a chiropractor. Once certain milestones are reached, franchisees and chiropractors are able to enter into business together in a way that benefits both parties.”

the joint franchise named best health care franchiseWhy do chiropractors enjoy working at The Joint Chiropractic?

The Joint Chiropractic is the largest employer of chiropractors in the nation. Aside from realizing their dreams of going into business for themselves, chiropractors enjoy working at The Joint Chiropractic due to their straightforward business model which allows them to focus on what they do best: helping patients heal.

Founded in 1999, The Joint Chiropractic is leading the way in making chiropractic care an convenient and affordable part of health and wellness for millions of people seeking relief from back, neck and joint pain. As a result, The Joint Chiropractic clinics can treat many more patients than a traditional chiropractic clinic by a large margin. According to the brand’s most recent Franchise Disclosure Document, The Joint Chiropractic reported weekly patient visits that were 152 percent higher than those at individually owned clinics.

“I truly believe that The Joint is the future of chiropractic care,” says Dr. Tim McKinley, owner of The Joint franchise clinic in Houston, Texas. “The coolest thing for me as the chiropractor and owner of my clinic is the concept — the business model. The patients love it. It’s created from their perspective. It meets their wants and needs. When you go into an environment where the customer is happy about where they are and the services they’re receiving, it’s a great place to be. It’s much more pleasant to come to work at a place like that than at a traditional chiropractic care practice, where the majority of your time is spent dealing with attorneys and insurance companies. I honestly cannot foresee the traditional chiropractic care clinic lasting much longer. With The Joint, a chiropractor can devote his or her energies to helping people in a friendlier environment for the patient and doctor.”

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About The Joint Chiropractic
Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Joint Chiropractic is an emerging growth company that is reinventing chiropractic care by making quality care convenient and affordable for patients seeking pain relief and ongoing wellness. The brand’s no-appointment policy and convenient hours and locations make care more accessible, and affordable membership plans and packages eliminate the need for insurance. With more than 400 clinics nationwide and nearly 5 million patient visits annually, The Joint Chiropractic is a leader in the chiropractic profession. For more information about The Joint’s franchise opportunities, visit www.thejointfranchise.com.

Business Structure
The Joint Corp. is a franchisor of clinics and an operator of clinics in certain states. In Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Washington, The Joint Chiropractic and its franchisees provide management services to professional chiropractic practices.

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