The Joint Chiropractic Receives a High Score from FRANdata FUNDS Report

Financial institutions want to lend to franchise systems with a proven track record of success

When you invest in starting a business, you want to know the company you’re putting your time, money, and faith into has a solid foundation. Well, the big news is in: The Joint Chiropractic® healthcare franchise received a score of 910 out of a possible 950 points in the FRANdata FUNDS report, which lets financial institutions know the risk for lending to a franchisee.

So what, more specifically, is the FUNDS report? Think of this report as a credit report for franchise concepts.

The Joint Chiropractic healthcare franchise FRANdata FUNDS report

The FUNDS report uses a proprietary scoring model to evaluate 13 credit risk categories for a franchise brand, based on public information. The report is generally regarded as the best predictor of the future performance of a franchise company that publicly available information can provide to potential entrepreneurs.

Lenders with more than one trillion dollars of assets rely on the FUND Score to assess credit risks, which takes up to 10 years of performance history and provides an efficient way to help assess a bank’s franchise portfolio.

With a single cumulative score, lenders have the ability to measure the risk across a franchise, based on a credit scoring model from zero to 950 points across 13 different risk categories.

“The result is the best credit risk predictor of future brand, system, and unit performance, thus, providing the lender with the tools to evaluate systemic franchise credit risk,” according to FRANdata.

With a score of 910, The Joint Chiropractic achieved the “Low Default Risk” category, which for franchisees means access to the best credit terms, fixed rate financing, low equity payments, and an easier process.

For potential franchisees, this is a big deal and one of the best scores in franchising.

Now is a great time to invest in The Joint Chiropractic healthcare franchise

The Joint Chiropractic has grown to more than 600 locations since it was founded in 1999, focused on bringing accessible, convenient, and affordable service to millions of people in need of relief from neck and back pain.

And because The Joint Chiropractic prides itself on a straightforward, easy to understand business model, even entrepreneurs with no experience in chiropractic care can run a successful franchise.

“The reason why so many entrepreneurs and chiropractors are investing in The Joint is because our unit economics are so strong,” said Peter Holt, President of The Joint Chiropractic. “I’ve been building and managing franchise systems for over 30 years – and predominantly small box retail space – and I have never seen such strong unit economics.”

In the coming years, The Joint Chiropractic plans to ramp up locations across the country with an expected 400 more locations – nearly doubling the franchise’s footprint in the booming industry.

The Joint Chiropractic is actively looking for savvy and motivated entrepreneurs to lead this effort, which doesn’t even require chiropractic experience. FRANdata’s independent review of the company validates The Joint Chiropractic is a worthy company to invest in and potential franchisees can be at ease that The Joint Chiropractic is a sound, strong investment.

Ready to bring the fastest growing of the chiropractor franchises to your community?

This healthcare franchise’s business model is simple, straightforward, and quick-to-scale. This benefits both franchisees and their customers. For in-depth details about The Joint Chiropractic healthcare franchise opportunity, download the free franchise information report.

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