The Joint Chiropractic Franchise Review: Meet Barry Goodman

How a health & wellness entrepreneur became a Regional Developer with the fast-growing chiropractic franchise

 As an entrepreneur in the health and wellness segment for decades, Barry Goodman has a passion for owning businesses that make people feel better and improve their overall quality of life at The Joint Chiropractic Franchise.

Goodman found that calling in The Joint Chiropractic franchise, and now owns several clinics across multiple states. He also serves as the Regional Developer for Florida and Kentucky where the opportunity for new clinics is incredibly strong.

In this candid interview, Goodman opens about why The Joint Chiropractic is a great business to own in markets both large and small, the current opportunity for expansion in Kentucky, and why owning a business that makes people feel better, makes him feel good as an owner.

The Joint Chiropractic Franchise

Q: What’s the best part about running your own business?

A: Because you’re your own boss. I answered to myself, and if I was going to be successful it depended on myself. And I think the most important thing was being able to take what I’ve learned and to multiply it into other successful locations.

Q: What was it about The Joint Chiropractic that attracted you?

A: When I saw that The Joint Chiropractic was expanding here in Nashville with other locations, I said, “Well, maybe they were becoming successful.” And I reached out and met the franchisee here locally and liked what I saw. And visited Scottsdale to The Joint corporate offices and talked to them about the opportunity. And the rest is history. I got involved and bought my first franchise in August 2016.

Q: Were you hesitant to enter chiropractic care without previous experience?

A: Of course, but a lot of it has to do with the training that you get and how well the franchisor wants to scrutinize their franchisees. I visited a lot of locations, and met with a lot of franchisees, they were not really chiropractors themselves. They didn’t have any medical backgrounds. They were entrepreneurs like myself.

Q: What is the demand for chiropractic care?

A: It’s getting bigger and bigger, which is very encouraging. Our audience and potential customer patient numbers are vast. I could also see one of the most important things was making sure we got a great location. And I soon figured out that not only location is key, but also the chiropractor themselves.

Q: What’s the opportunity like in Kentucky for growth?

A: The demand is going to be good. I feel that in the next three years, we’ll completely have the state occupied with franchisees and clinics in Kentucky.

Q: Why are entrepreneurs drawn to The Joint Chiropractic?

A: We can see the successes of our employees. The strength of the model is straightforward enough to go and take what you learn on the first and second unit and go buy a third and fourth. And that’s exactly what’s happening with present franchisees.

Q: What do customers love about The Joint Chiropractic?

A: There’s no question about it, it’s a patient experience. They come in, and we put them through a recovery stage. So, if they’re in pain, then we want to address that pain immediately and get them in as many times as possible. Then we have the relief stage, basically we’re going to maintain and make sure that they’re stabilizing the pain they’ve had.

Q: What are your hopes going forward?

A: Being a multi-unit franchisee, I like to build companies. I like to see the successes of the employees. I like to see them move up the ladder and take roles into being more of middle management. I’ve got a couple of people that are area managers with our company now. They’re looking to become franchisees, and I take a lot of pride in seeing that. So I think I see that, not only having maybe 10 to 20 clinics myself, but also seeing a lot of other people that presently are working for us in our clinics, growing and becoming franchisees like myself as well.

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