The Joint Chiropractic Franchise Review: Meet Kathy Bhatt

Top-performer opens up about what she loves about owning a chiropractic franchise

 Kathy Bhatt is the owner of three clinics with The Joint Chiropractic franchise in the Orlando metropolitan area of Florida, and is one of the most passionate advocates of the brand, both for its ability to help people find relief from pain.

Bhatt’s story with The Joint is incredible – at first, she struggled when she opened her first two clinics in 2015. But by following the business model, and taking advantage of the support available to her, she’s become one of the top performing franchise owners in The Joint Chiropractic’s network, going on to open her third clinic.

In this wide-ranging interview, Bhatt talks about what attracted her to The Joint Chiropractic, how she overcame her struggles when first starting out, and how she was able to become one of the brand’s top performing franchises.

What was it about The Joint Chiropractic franchise that attracted you to invest?

As we started researching and doing our due diligence, we really liked the business model. It was a really new concept. And we thought this was a win-win because it provided patients with access to convenient and affordable wellness care without insurance headaches that never go in their favor. And from the business side, we liked the fact that you didn’t need to keep any inventory to manage or require a lot of employees. So we thought we could take a shot at this.

You struggled in the beginning, but can you talk about how you overcame that?

In the beginning, we weren’t sure about some of the aspects of running the franchise, like real estate, contractors or getting patients. But now, those aspects for success are built into the business model. I really commend the new leadership, because they are providing so many resources for franchises at their disposal. So many clinics can now get resources and help from that.

How were you able to become a top performing franchisee?

I believe in taking care of the people that come into the clinic. And I also really believe that your staff has to be working together as a team; they need to have fun. And for us, if we take care of the patients, everything else will follow.

Why do you think patients keep coming back?

We feel that the patient’s like coming in here because of the atmosphere we created, and also the fact the chiropractors truly care about the patients. We promote an upbeat, positive environment because people come here to feel better. I want to make sure everyone is having a great experience.

Have you seen a lot of demand lately?

Absolutely. The Joint Chiropractic model has really revolutionized chiropractic care. I think in the past, people didn’t think about going to a chiropractor. But now, more people are realizing all the amazing health benefits that come with regular adjustments. And I’m sure anyone that comes to our clinics leaves feeling better, and then they go and tell their friends and family. That’s how the whole business model is growing.

What are your hopes for the future?

The future is wide open because The Joint Chiropractic is always growing. And I really believe in this concept because it truly helps people and is a rewarding experience as a business owner as well.

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