The Joint Chiropractic Franchise Review: Meet Noah Stone

How an entrepreneur found a meaningful life in business with the fast-growing chiropractic franchise

Noah Stone is one of the most successful multi-unit owners in The Joint Chiropractic franchise network, and he’s not done yet.

The Joint Chiropractic Franchise

Stone came to The Joint Chiropractic because he recognized the strength of the business model, as well as the pent up demand for accessible chiropractic care. In this wide-ranging interview, Stone speaks to why The Joint Chiropractic is a great business to own and why his patients love his clinics and much, much more.

Q: Where were you working before The Joint Chiropractic?
A: I had several experiences coming from fairly humble beginnings and being one of the first people in my family to graduate from college. I had some corporate jobs doing financial analysis, and I then helped my father build a business. I was a stockbroker for a while, then mortgages as well as real estate, and was really unfamiliar with franchising until my wife introduced me to it.

Q: How did you find The Joint Chiropractic?
A: I was assisting my wife on a remodel of one of her businesses, and the contractor that we were using and I had hit it off and we were talking and he had asked me if I had heard of The Joint Chiropractic , which I had not. And I said, “Well, can you tell me more about it?” So the contractor actually told me about it. The contractor was in our network of a group of small business owners. And he told me I needed to reach out to the regional developer of the concept and talk to them more about it.

Q: When did you realize it was a good fit?
A: The numbers made sense. Being analytical by nature and having a finance background, I did some evaluation of the potential of the profession. And finding studies, chiropractic, medical, physical therapy studies, that talked about anywhere from three quarters to 80% of the population suffering from some type of musculoskeletal condition that could be addressed through some type of physical therapy, including chiropractic. And then realizing in those same studies that chiropractic only had about 3% market penetration, as far as utilization by the general public. And most of it seemed to be around injury, whether it was a car accident or other acute condition, and almost none of it was oriented towards wellness.

Q: What numbers most struck you?
A: There was an obvious opportunity, where 75% to 80% of the population is open to this type of treatment, and could benefit from it, however there’s only utilization of approximately 3-5%. You’re looking at three quarters of the population could benefit and partake in our care. And that from just a very high level, sensible standpoint, from a numbers perspective made sense. And then the membership model that we’re familiar with from my wife’s prior franchise, it’s a very strong business model once that residual income begins to flow. And seeing how it was structured made a lot of sense. So between the understanding that there was pent up demand and potential demand there, and understanding the business model and the strength of it, it made a lot of sense.

A: Have you seen more and more people come to chiropractic care as a part of their preventative wellness strategy?
Q: Oh yeah, absolutely. Part of the greater task that we have in introducing our services to the public is education. Helping them understand the application of chiropractic, how it’s intended to treat the body, how it’s intended to work and not only alleviate pain, but prevent pain. Giving people a mindset that your body is a biological machine, just like your car is a machine. It takes fuel, it creates waste, it breaks down, it gets old and those things require maintenance. So when we talk about pain, that’s typically someone’s motive.

A: How has the support been from corporate offices?
Q: They exceed my expectations on a daily basis. This management team is beyond exceptional. They never leave a doubt that they’re concerned about the successes of franchisees. And it’s brought me closer to the brand as well. Before we stayed in our lane and did our operations within our clinics and did what we could do to operate our businesses as best as possible. But I’ve seen this increased engagement by our corporate team, and their true concern about franchisees at every level. I currently operate six clinics, have a seventh clinic in construction, and have two more to develop after that.

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