The Joint Chiropractic Franchise Review: Meet Stacie Shakarian

Multi-unit franchisee opens up about what she loves about life in a chiropractic franchise 

Stacie Shakarian is a co-franchisee with six clinics in Arizona and California with her husband Aaron, who is also a Doctor of Chiropractic. Stacie decided to pursue a career with The Joint Chiropractic® after many years in corporate America. She is passionate about her new role as a chiropractic franchise owner because of how many people she gets to help as one of the most successful franchise owners in the system.

Stacie and Aaron Shakarian

But the Shakarian’s are always looking to grow, planning to open three more clinics this year and in the process of purchasing four licenses in their home state of Michigan.

In this conversation, Stacie talks about how she got involved in The Joint Chiropractic franchise, what she loves about her businesses, and why investing in The Joint is the best decision she and her husband have made on a professional level.

Where were you working before The Joint?

I was working for General Motors, and I did not envision myself leaving. I’m from Michigan and I enjoyed the job. And that’s where a lot of my friends worked. But The Joint was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

How did you find The Joint?

General Motors moved me to Arizona, which is the corporate headquarters of The Joint. My husband is a chiropractor and he was recruited by The Joint. And he went to work for The Joint’s corporate office and was so excited with the business model because he felt it was very relevant for the times.

Why is that?

Slowly over the years, health insurances weren’t covering chiropractic. If someone were in a car accident, you would sometimes be waiting two years to receive a check from the insurance company. So, it became more and more difficult to be a chiropractor. But The Joint is a membership, cash-based business model perfect for the times right now we’re in.

How is The Joint different from traditional chiropractic clinics?

Traditional chiropractic clinics are not walk-in. And they’re not usually open extended hours from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. And most are not open seven days a week. So, The Joint has really capitalized on the needs of people nowadays. Most people do not have time to schedule an appointment. And the fact that it’s open seven days a week; we’re very busy on Sundays.

Where are your clinics located?

We have three in Arizona and three in Ventura County, California. Our clinics are in very popular retail centers that are usually featured on the news. We always like to make it to where a family can be out shopping and then stop in The Joint and then continue on with their day.

And how has business been?

Financially, we’re making more money than I ever thought that we would make in our careers. It’s been exciting, that’s why we keep expanding, because patients want to come to every clinic we open. It just grows very quickly because people see the value in it. But it’s also been very exciting for us to be able to provide for our families. 

What are your long-term goals?

My hopes are to just keep growing and to keep identifying the needs of our patients. And we’re in the process of purchasing four franchises in Michigan. It’s exciting to be able to bring The Joint back to the Detroit area.

Would you recommend The Joint to aspiring entrepreneurs?

I don’t think there is a better opportunity out there. Not only can you feel good about what you’re doing, you can also feel that you’re able to provide a lifestyle for your family and one that you can be proud of.

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