The Joint Chiropractic Wins Franchise Times Zor Award as Top Brand to Buy

The fast-growing chiropractic franchise wins prestigious award for being a worthy investment in 2022

 The Joint Chiropractic just landed a major honor, winning Franchise Times’ esteemed “Zor Award” as the top brand to buy.

The Joint Chiropractic is a walk-in chiropractic clinic that offers affordable care, with no insurance necessary.

“The pandemic prompted many people to pay more attention to their health and seek therapeutic and preventative care,” Franchise Times wrote. “The Joint treated 1.1 million unique patients in 2020 who paid an average of $29 per visit; a monthly membership costs $69 and includes four visits.”

In recognizing The Joint Chiropractic as a top investment opportunity, Franchise Times highlighted all the advantages for potential entrepreneurs. For one, The Joint Chiropractic is membership-based. It also has a recurring revenue mid-level with a higher purpose: helping people get relief from neck and back pain, and also providing preventative care.

Franchise Times also emphasized The Joint Chiropractic features a low labor model, with an average of four employees per day, including chiropractors and front desk associates. For business owners, that means less time managing employees and more money in your pocket.

Franchise Times also talked to some of The Joint Chiropractic’s top performing franchisees. Ron Bostick, who owns five clinics in West Texas, said The Joint has offered one of the best business models in the franchise industry – requiring a small footprint with high revenue potential. And, the investment cost for a Joint franchise runs as low as .

The Joint model hits all three of those things,” Bostick said. “In comparison to some of the other brands I’m involved with, it is so much easier to operate on a day-to-day basis than other franchise brands out there, which is why we really like the model and is our reason for scaling up with more locations.”

Teresa Digiuseppe, who runs 14 locations in Arizona, Washington and Idaho, said The Joint Chiropractic is revolutionizing chiropractic care across the country. She even has two more locations coming on-line this spring.

“What’s crazy is, The Joint 11 years ago is nothing like it is today,” Digiuseppe said. “The energy of The Joint is in patients coming in and out, but going into a Joint 11 years ago was like walking into a place that wasn’t even open. Exposure was not there yet. But now, people work for us to change lives, people come to us to be developed and for a chance of opportunity.”

With more than 700 units and in development, The Franchise Times said it might be more competitive for first-time franchisees looking to get into the system and receive a hand holding level of support from the C-suiters. Which means now is the time to look into a Joint franchise today!

Ready to bring the fastest-growing of the chiropractor franchises to your community?

This healthcare franchise’s business model is simple, straightforward, and quick-to-scale. This benefits both franchisees and their customers. For in-depth details about The Joint Chiropractic healthcare franchise opportunity, download the free franchise information report.

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