The Joint Becomes the Official Chiropractor of the Norfolk Tides

The Joint Breaks Into The Minor Leagues With The Norfolk Tides

The time has come for The Joint Chiropractic to step up to the plate! In a recent press release, Minor League Baseball superstars the Norfolk Tides announced their corporate sponsorship agreement with The Joint Chiropractic. For the 2022 season, The Joint will be known as the official chiropractor for the team, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to work with such a talented group of athletes.

The Norfolk Tides are a Triple-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, being their top affiliate since 2007. While other clinics have worked with sports teams in the past, this partnership With six of our clinics across the greater Norfolk area, our on-site Chiropractors will be able to readily.

For years, The Joint Chiropractic has been devoted to helping athletes and fitness enthusiasts improve their performance. This new partnership is reflective of our company values as a whole. Peter Holt, president and CEO of The Joint Corp. states that “This sponsorship demonstrates The Joint’s commitment to championing chiropractic care and the preventative benefits that are vital to keeping the body balanced, flexible and functioning at its best – especially for athletes.”

the joint chiropractic franchise of the norfolk tides

The Chiropractic Industry Has Grown

This exciting news from the Norfolk Tides is all part of a greater picture. A recent article by Chiropractic Economics explained that chiropractors are becoming a popular resource for athletes. Nearly every professional sports team now has a chiropractor on their medical staff. It makes sense, given that chiropractic treatment can treat injuries, enhance performance, and prevent future injuries.

This is all reflective of the ever-growing chiropractic industry as a whole, which is currently sitting at a net worth of $18 billion in 2022. It’s part of an upward trend seen over the last five years, as people have become more interested in taking control of their health. At the forefront of this industry is The Joint Chiropractic. Our focus on accessibility allows everyone who needs treatment to get it, regardless of insurance, location, or finances.

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