The Joint Franchise in Denver Featured on Local Fox News Program

Local Fox News affiliate highlights the fastest growing chiropractic franchise for their ability to help treat back pain caused by sedentary workplace lifestyles

The Joint Chiropractic is the fastest growing chiropractic franchise in the nation, and judging by the staggering amount of Americans suffering from back pain, new locations can’t open fast enough. The fact that millions of Americans are sitting at work in front of their computers for hours on end has contributed to a massive increase in back pain.

The Fox News affiliate in Denver, Colorado, recently devoted an entire segment on their nightly television program to this widespread problem. The news program invited The Joint Chiropractic’s Dr. Brandon Heath, in studio to help their viewers by providing tips regarding, “Three Ways to Combat Your Back Pain From Sitting at Your Desk.”

joint franchise visit after sitting at a desk for long day have back pain


“Many of us spend eight hours a day sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen and that affects our body in so many ways. Sitting for long periods can increase our risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer,” Fox News 31 reports in the article accompanying the television segment. “But the thing many of us notice on a weekly basis is back pain. At The Joint Chiropractic clinic in Denver, doctors say half of their patients come in for back pain that is caused from sitting at work.”

The segment featured a professional marketer, who experienced back pain after long hours in a desk chair. She then became a patient at The Joint and found relief working with Dr. Heath. Dr. Heath also offered three useful stretches for viewers to help proactively combat their back pain:

  1. Figure Four: Sit on a chair and put your ankle across the opposite knee and push into it.
  2. Rag Doll: Stand up and bend over at the waist and let your upper body hang
  3. Cat/Cow: Get on all fours and drop the belly, then arch the back like a cat

We encourage you to view the segment in full by clicking here.

The Joint franchise is the answer to affordable, accessible chiropractic care consumers are seeking

Founded in 1999, The Joint is leading the way in making chiropractic care an essential and affordable part of health and wellness for the millions of people seeking relief from back, neck and joint pain. The Joint offers one service: spinal adjustments conducted by hand. This easy-to-understand practice is chiropractic care as it was meant to be delivered. Because the business model has made chiropractic care consumer-friendly, The Joint has helped more people take control of their health and wellness through chiropractic care than ever before. The Joint performs more than 4 million spinal adjustments annually.

While the newest study published by the Global Burden of Disease found that lower back pain is the second-most common reason for pain in adults (lower back pain didn’t even make the list in 1990), the rising demand for chiropractic care is a sign that Americans are waking up to its benefits. NPR reports that spinal adjustments can “relax the muscles, joints, and tendons so people can be relieved of their low back pain sooner, rather than later.”

“The field of chiropractic care is becoming significantly more important as more and more people are becoming concerned with finding alternative methods to manage their overall health and wellness,” says Peter D. Holt, President and CEO of The Joint. “People’s perception of chiropractic care is dramatically changing due to several factors: our nation’s problems with obesity and the medical emergency that is the abuse of pain medication, which has never been higher than it is now. As more than 80% of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, chiropractic care is a natural and effective way to treat that pain without the use of prescription medication.”

The Joint chiropractic franchise on Fox News

The Joint is a low-cost investment opportunity with high potential returns

With a small footprint, limited overhead and a staff consisting of three to four employees, The Joint is easy to operate and boasts a proven business model that is unique in the $3 trillion healthcare industry. Its membership model eliminates the need for insurance, while providing franchise owners with a recurring revenue stream that helps to maximize profitability and potentially hastens the return on investment. Our model works for chiropractors seeking to own a simpler business that avoids the nightmare of insurance billing, and it works incredibly well for business investors who see the need for more accessible chiropractic care.

With the total financial estimate to begin operations on a new chiropractic franchise ranging from $211,400 to $339,500, The Joint is a low-cost investment opportunity with potential for high returns. Because build-out costs are substantially lower than other brands in the healthcare segment, The Joint offers a quicker ramp-up time to allow for a potentially faster return on investment. The franchise fee for your first chiropractic franchise is $39,900.

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