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The Joint Franchises Provide a Service in Demand

The Joint Chiropractic has made a name for itself as a medical care franchise in the health and wellness industry. Since our first clinic opened in 1999, we have set out to provide one thing: fast and reliable pain management that everyone can afford. We cut out appointment scheduling and insurance so that our clinics can reach a wider base of patients.

This comes at a time when people need it most. Across the country, opioids have proven themselves to be dangerous and unsustainable. As people seek out alternatives to traditional medicine, our holistic method of healing turned into the logical alternative. Pain management has become a high-demand market, and options are limited for readily available treatment.

Our franchise works because it can help no matter where we go. Health services have seen an increase in demand since the pandemic. Nearly 65 million Americans have reported recent back pain episodes. 60% of adults nationwide have reported having at least one chronic condition, with 42% having more than one. The Joint Chiropractic provides relief for the pain inflicted from these conditions, allowing patients to return to normal activities and improve their overall wellness.

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The Healthcare Franchise Industry is Booming

The Joint Chiropractic’s rise in popularity comes along as part of a booming healthcare franchise industry. As more people have demanded an active role in their health, the focus on customer-based services has translated into a massively successful industry. Patients report they prefer having a business that caters to their needs without as much hassle. A sizable aging population makes for a dedicated base of customers who prefer a patient-centric model.

Franchising works particularly well with healthcare, because it is a necessity. For people without insurance, healthcare can seem like a luxury. Healthcare franchises have developed a way for more people to get the treatment they need without roadblocks. Economists and business strategists are taking note of this preference over the traditional medical industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted an increase of around 11 million jobs in the 2020-2030 decade within the healthcare service sector. As the nation’s fastest growing chiropractic service, The Joint Chiropractic plans to expand wherever it is needed.

The Chiropractic Industry Shows Clear Growth

The chiropractic industry has also continued to rise in popularity. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, America had already experienced problems with pain. The opioid crisis marked a failure within the traditional medical sector for pain management. As a result, more people have turned to holistic methods for healing. Within that growing market amid a global pandemic, The Joint Chiropractic has earned its status as the premier chiropractic clinic within the medical care franchise industry.

80% of Americans are working from home, wreaking havoc on their spines,” says Peter D. Holt, President and CEO of The Joint. “We’re seeing thousands of Americans incorporating chiropractic care into their healthcare routines to maintain overall health and wellness. As an essential healthcare service, we are committed to being there for our patients when and where available during the pandemic, as they seek relief from pain and for their wellbeing.”

Research shows chiropractic services grew in popularity during the pandemic. Adhering to traditional appointment scheduling, however, has prevented other clinics from treating the optimal number of patients. The Joint Chiropractic’s walk-in policy has made for a better system of natural pain relief. Patients can play a more active role in their health and treat their pain as it occurs. Having our clinics readily available allows them to go about their day treating back pain as needed.

You Don’t Have to be a Chiropractor to Franchise with The Joint

Instead of falling back on the doctor, anybody can open and operate one of The Joint Chiropractic’s clinics. We welcome entrepreneurs who have a passion for chiropractic care. Our business model is simple and efficient. Franchisees get to enjoy the benefits of low overhead and minimal staff. After hiring a chiropractor to run the business, franchisees can open their doors and begin to establish a clientele.

We know that entrepreneurs who are new to the healthcare industry may not have experience hiring a doctor. The Joint Chiropractic’s expert leadership team will assist as you recruit doctors for your business. Chiropractors like working for us because of the membership plan that avoids the hassle of dealing with insurance. This allows the licensed chiropractors to focus on doing what they do best, without any of the administrative work that can distract from healing patients.

Franchise with a Medical Care Franchise Today!

There has never been a better time to tap into the healthcare franchise industry. Likewise, no other chiropractic clinic has the reputation as the nation’s fastest growing chiropractic franchise. We are constantly looking for new people who share our vision to open a clinic. Click here to request franchise information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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